How to Find Your Inner Peace (Om).

1) Find stillness in your mind. Go outside and feel the breeze and let the  sunlight beam on your existence. Breathe deeply and sing aloud or in your mind your happiest song(s) that makes you feel alive.
2) Instead of picking out every little thing you dislike or wished was a possibility, point out all the things you’re thankful for, the things that make you laugh, and think about anything being possible in this versatile world without limitations. Dream about things you want and the comfort you will experience and never wish negativity upon others. We are all here to learn through our experiences, realize most things are tests which one has to pass.
3) Indulge in activity. Never condition yourself to remain in stagnant energy. Run, Sideways-Backwards-Up-Down, Jump, Twirl, Stretch, Fly… Find that inner wild child and shake out the stiffness of recycled energy. Do something different; think something different; feel something new.
4) Meditation.


Stay tuned for more tips.



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