Luna Lunacy 🌘 🌑

Origin and Etymology of “Lunacy”:

1540s, “condition of being a lunatic,” formed irregularly in English from lunatic (q.v.) + -cy. Originally in reference to intermittent periods of insanity, such as were believed to be triggered by the moon’s cycle. The Old English equivalent was monaðseocnes “month-sickness.” In later legal use, any unsoundness of mind sufficient to render one incapable of civil transactions or management of one’s affairs. Weakened figurative sense “act of madness or folly” is from 1580s.


Origin and Etymology of “Lunatic”:

late 13c., “affected with periodic insanity, dependent on the changes of the moon,” from Old French lunatique, lunage “insane,” or directly from Late Latin lunaticus “moon-struck,” from Latin luna “moon” (see Luna). Compare Old English monseoc “lunatic,” literally “moon-sick;” Middle High German lune “humor, temper, mood, whim, fancy” (German Laune), from Latin luna. Compare also New Testament Greek seleniazomai “be epileptic,” from selene “moon.” Lunatic fringe (1913) apparently was coined by U.S. politician Theodore Roosevelt.


Middle English lunatik, from Anglo-French or Late Latin; Anglo-French lunatic, from Late Latin lunaticus, from Latin luna (Moon); from the belief that lunacy fluctuated with the phases of the MOON.


Perigean Full Moon



Ocean water is usually kept to an equal level throughout the planet. However, during the full and new moon, the moon’s gravity pulls the ocean waters up closer to her causing higher tides than would during the first or last quarter phase. The moon evolves around our planet which has an effect on all waters, creating higher tides. And because of a force greater than the moon’s gravity called centrifugal force, ocean water on the opposite side, which the moon isn’t facing, bulges out also creating higher tides. Therefore, no matter what, the waters will rise whether its gravity’s pulling force or centrifugal pushing force during the full or new moon. Let’s us not dismiss the Sun who has a gravity pull effect on the oceans as well yet has less effect because of its greater distance from Earth. The motion of the oceans shall always be referred to as gravity, an this can be from the moon and sun.

The moon, like the Earth, is on its own axis which it rotates on. When the moon appears further away on its axis this is because it is further away and is called Apogee, in contrast, when the moon is closer to earth this is called Perigee. The perigee moon typically appears 14% closer. This can be caught by the naked eye as soon as the moon rises; though once the moon is at its highest peak in the sky can appear further than its lowest peak. The terms apogee and perigee are scarcely given credit for the effect on the water planet. The perigean full moon (up to 30% closer to earth), or supermoon, has a larger effect on tides than apogean moon which is further away on it’s axis.

So you may be pondering about what the moon’s distance and phase has to do with lunacy; well I will get right to that. Our satellite has effect on the planet but what about the creatures whom reside on it? Humans are made up of approximately 80% liquid, perhaps even more. And for those of you informed about astrology, we know that water signs rule over the emotions. If the moon causes greater tides on our home, what about our bodies? As humans, once we seek more of ourselves we find out our connection to the universe. As so above so below. That is, the moon has a psychological effect on creatures who let its energy flow without being conscious of its power.

During this phase of the moon when the moon has reflected all of the sunlight on its surface, we are more apt to be full of ego, aggressive, “macho”, and full of lunar energy. This is why so many people butt heads, crime rates are higher, and some just seem to have lost their mind completely. We have to balance this energy in order to reach our greatest potential. It is a time to release as well as reflection fully on oneself and not the actions of others and to remain calm and steady when conversing with the public because someone will be “testing” out your waters to see how high your tides go. When alone this powerful energy should be intended on the direction in your path you choose to go. When there is tension building between you and another entity, release that energy. Emotions are very temporary; they come and go and so does the moons phases or the tides in the ocean.

“Mantra: I am grateful for all that I have received and will carry what I have learned into my future.





Coming next will be a posted on my own interpretation of each moon phase. Follow this blog for more updates and posts like this one here.

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