Life-hack: Change the Present

It is time to reinvest in ourselves. We should be living our lives the way we picture it to be and never have to stress over anything at all yet we all have suffered, worried, and gave in to those negative thoughts which have created the world around us. Why can’t we just LIVE and rejoice from simply being alive living day to day seeing the beauty of being a human? We’ve missed opportunities, failed, was in need, cried, and we’ve been through enough. It is time to put a halt to that. Forever! Yes, we have that authority. Yes, we are worthy. Yes, we do live in a matrix and what’s unique about this world is everyone is a creator. No matter what your religious or non-religious background is, we all have something in common and that’s the power to create our reality simply from our thoughts, words, and willingness. Though it is not easy transitioning from always doubting oneself to another state of mind consisting persistent credibility that we are not used to, it will be accomplished. The key is consistency; waste no time follow these few steps and let’s change our present:

  1. GRATITUDE! Have it. Acknowledge God or the Universe or whomever you believe is your mediator to Christ Consciousness. Be thankful for what you do have and make it work.
  2. VISUALIZE what I want, who I want to be, where, and with whom.
  3. PRETEND it’s all mine and I walk like it is my reality (because it is!) “Walk it like you talk it!”
  4. BELIEVE I am worthy of what I dream. I can change my present and presence. My present is a present I treasure.

Yep, that’s it. And SNAP it’s all ours. Once we change the way we look at things, things will change. See it in our minds and we will hold it in our hands. Remember that thoughts are things too. We have the chose to choose and what we choose not only changes the future but also the present.


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