What is Happiness?

Happiness is not validation.

Happiness is not money.

Happiness is not material wealth and what we can acquire on this plane.

Happiness is not the relationships we have.

Happiness is not having “easier” situations and lessons in life.

Happiness is not shaming others for self-gain.

Happiness is not an emotion.

Happiness is not only having everything we need.

So what is it?

Happiness is never found outside of us. It’s all within each and every one of us. It’s a state of being which transforms into a state of mind.

It’s making the best of everything instead of trying to have the best of everything…

Happiness is humbling. It is what keeps surrounding our lives with greatness.

It is when we link the physical to the spiritual which is our original form.

Happiness is the highest level of success.

It’s inner peace; it is needing nothing externally.

Happiness is positivity for the present and future.


Now that it is discerned what happiness is, we can now live fully, only doing what maintains our happiness.













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