God is Vibes; Life is how we experience it

Never have I felt as enthused as I am now to express my views on life and God. The purpose of this article isn’t to debate, convert one’s perspective into my own, nor challenge the depth of the mind; it’s just a snippet recording of my life observations. This is a very sensitive topic to the public and I do not wish to make anyone feel threatened.

As we know it to be, we live in a physical world, a physical body operated by a physical brain and heart and so on… And our spiritual being is who we truly are.

That moment we took a breath, the very moment our hearts’ beat, when we just LIVE is God and only God. No matter who you are, what you believe, or how unworthy you feel in this moment, God is within us all and is the living force within bodies. God is living; forever lasting source of all creations’ energy. Therefore, in other words we can say God is Energy, the entire Universe. And if there is no presence of God’s energy, nothing is existent.

When we feel, and especially when we feel without sight, listening, touching or tasting, that is how we know we have a source. God is the Source that powers everything. The water cycle has a power source (The Sun). So the cycle of lifes’ power source is…? And I do not believe there to be a “big bang” that devalues all creation and discredits how we were created. The cycle of life (also known as a calendar called Kali Yuga) is powered by living God. God is recycling energy there is no death because God is continuous for eternity. (There is no such thing as death just the decomposing of the body and/or ashes that brings more life to Earth)

Many contend that God is feminine or masculine is male or female is positive or negative is polar or nonpolar. But, everyone arguing their points only seem half right to me because God is all of that. We are disillusioned to only see physical form so our minds cannot even fathom what God is because we wrap our minds around our five senses (though we have more). In the physical plane we label EVERYHING, we categorize EVERYTHING and the only things in the world you cannot completely know while living here is life and God. This is because everything is an expression of God. God is all.

Life is about us experiencing God expressing in all aspects and walks of life broken down (sometimes corrupt) but as One is Truth. Obtaining “knowledge” does not make one wise in life we cannot learn by reading or watching videos about life because it is experiences and only that.

Before I wrap this up, I would like to add that we’re farther away from knowing God today as a whole people because we use our (God) energy wrong by wasting it. Violence, killing over religion, skin color, nationality, gender, sexuality, and beliefs; harm and agonizing pain to animals and depressing plants with pesticides for lifeless food, wasting electricity and water … I could go on for a while. We have a choice between using God for good or evil, we are our own temptations, our own negative and positive vibes. With our thoughts we create a reality for ourselves because God allows us to have a choice and when we live spiritually we can acknowledge the energy we are given. It’s deeper than being distracted, it’s mental strength and putting our minds to greatness. Nothing can strive or survive without God and the more we focus on good, evil is minimized in our world. This is what I believe to be truth based on my experiences, and I do not want to force anyone to believe my perspective on life because everyone has to experience it at some point in their lives.


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