Every Day Positive Affirmations Song ☀

We are going to be alright

All day and night

I let my light be so it glows

feel the breeze, my energy flows

I will never hide my shine

nor my beautiful soul

so handsome and fine

I let the light beam in me

I will face what I need to see

I will share the light in me

the mountains will move, my heart will eternally love, and the sun rise

I will share the light in me

for all who wants to believe

I do not condone to stagnancy

as the beautiful human being I seeded into to represent all of existence



How to Find Your Inner Peace (Om).

1) Find stillness in your mind. Go outside and feel the breeze and let the  sunlight beam on your existence. Breathe deeply and sing aloud or in your mind your happiest song(s) that makes you feel alive.
2) Instead of picking out every little thing you dislike or wished was a possibility, point out all the things you’re thankful for, the things that make you laugh, and think about anything being possible in this versatile world without limitations. Dream about things you want and the comfort you will experience and never wish negativity upon others. We are all here to learn through our experiences, realize most things are tests which one has to pass.
3) Indulge in activity. Never condition yourself to remain in stagnant energy. Run, Sideways-Backwards-Up-Down, Jump, Twirl, Stretch, Fly… Find that inner wild child and shake out the stiffness of recycled energy. Do something different; think something different; feel something new.
4) Meditation.


Stay tuned for more tips.



NEVER Shop at JustFab.com!!!

This is the ultimate SCAM! Tonight I checked my bank account and something seemed unusual and missing. That was because there was something missing. I warn you this company had charged my bank card TWICE  a month of $39.95 each time for the past four months and I have never received any shoes or accessories in the mail.  In fact, I have never received any emails, calls, or notifications of any sort. My first transaction was back in January when I ordered ankle boots and got them for $14.94 including shipping (What a deal!) I had never purchased a VIP Membership; I was just there for the pair shoes. I’d like to convince myself that I had been absent-minded and should have canceled my account altogether however, this is routine for me I rather test out the company’s products first before continuing any subscription. Besides that I have never seen a “Skip This Month” bottom that other reviews have talked about. I feel betrayed and will never recommend shopping here nor will I even search JustFab.com in my browser again unless its for the customer service number. This site should be forbidden and blocked at all costs… Literally. First thing in the A.M. I will be calling to cancel my account since there is no way to do this action online. One more human had been fouled again by propaganda and advertisements but not again. Arm yourselves! Here are pictures to prove from JustFab and if you don’t believe my bank account had been charged twice since January go on and try it yourself.
Okay so fast forward to the A.M. there was a live chat available. The problem was not solved besides canceling my whole subscription but I later find out that only between the 1st and 5th of each month you are able to “Skip the Month” which is INSANE. And how could they forget about notifying about nearly $80 each month has been charged to my bank card?!