Luna Lunacy ūüĆė ūüĆĎ

During this phase of the moon when the moon has reflected all of the sunlight on its surface, we are more apt to be full of ego, aggressive, "macho", and full of lunar energy. This is why so many people butt heads, crime rates are higher, and some just seem to have lost their mind completely. We have to balance this energy in order to reach our greatest potential.

NEVER Shop at!!!

This is the ultimate SCAM! Tonight I checked my bank account¬†and something seemed¬†unusual and missing. That was because there was something missing.¬†I warn you this company had charged my¬†bank card TWICE¬† a month of $39.95¬†each time¬†for the past four months and I have never received any shoes or accessories¬†in the mail. ¬†In fact, I have … Continue reading NEVER Shop at!!!